Like much of the world, you probably watched Meghan Markle last night and shuddered. But you shouldn’t be surprised. Today, the dubious honour of being the dumbest country in the world goes to…Britain. It’s a nation that’s completely destroyed itself, and will probably never recover. Even America’s better off than Britain, and that’s saying something. And rarely has a country imploded in so short a time.

Not so long ago, Britain was the envy of the world. It had the world’s best healthcare system. You could walk down the street, go to the doctor, and literally have the world’s best…

You might read that headline and think “Never!” either because “Work is virtue” or “Relationships are life!” The latter is closer to true than the former, but neither is 100 percent true.

Small personal example: I have a friend from college, mini-media celebrity these days (holler!) and even back in 2006, when he was hustling at CNN and I was slinging hash at ESPN, I’d email him and he wouldn’t respond for days/weeks. He’s a good dude, mostly a great dude, and dudes in general can’t communicate worth a chicken fart — remember, the “goal…

Quarantine Bread Craze

Back in late March around the beginning of quarantine, there was a sudden boom in home cooking with everyone locked down with plenty of time on their hands. Sourdough bread, quite specifically, was featured almost endlessly in my Instagram stories.

This is something I have debated doing for a long time and now I am finally ready to tell my story, whether thats because I am emotionally or for my own personal therapy I dont know yet but here I go anyway…


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